How to Fix Terraria Stuck on Connecting To Server: 10 Ways

  • If your friends can’t connect to Terraria server, using steam invite can solve this sometimes.
  • Updating the network driver will solve the problem if the driver problem was behind it.
  • Tweaking Windows Firewall or any other third-party firewall settings can be another effective solution.

How to Fix Can't Connect to Terraria Server


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A lot of users are talking about the Terraria server connectivity problem. This article aims to provide the best solutions to fix can’t connect to the Terraria server and some vital information.

There is no doubt that Terraria is one of the most played games out there. While many people are enjoying this game, a significant number of people are having server connectivity issues. That makes this game experience overall.

If you can’t connect to the Terraria server or your friends can’t connect, you should not worry. You can fix it easily.

Why can’t I connect to the Terraria server?

The question is, why can’t you establish a connection with the Terraria server even though you have a good internet connection?

There are some reasons which can be a server-side error or a problem from your end.

However, the connectivity problem usually occurs for the following reasons:

  • Your internet connection is weak
  • Windows Firewall or any other Firewall programs are blocking the connection
  • Internal problem in server configuration or firewall
  • Steam problem on Windows
  • Improper configuration in your router

Whatever causes this problem, there is always a way to troubleshoot, so make sure to read through this guide to find out the details.

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What can I do if I can’t connect to Terraria server?

1. Increase Player Spots/Reserve

  1. Open the TerrariaServer.exe to host the game. It usually exists in the game installation folder.
  2. Type the map number you want to play and press enter.configuring terraria server ss 1
  3. Now, Type the number of allowed players. Usually the actual number of players+one. Example: For 2 players, press 3 and hit enter.configuring terraria server ss 2
  4. Next, enter the port and press enter. Usually 7777.configuring terraria server ss 3
  5. Then, Type Y and press enter for automatic port forward.configuring terraria server ss 4
  6. At last, give a server password and hit enter. configuring terraria server ss 5

It will prepare your server for one extra player. It is a proven technique to fix can’t connect to the Terraria server.

2. Update the game’s server

Your friends can’t connect to the Terraria server, maybe because it is outdated. Steam usually updates the game automatically along with the game server. 

If you use a third-party dedicated game server, visit their official website to download the latest software and install it.

3. Use Steam Invite

  1. Open Steam.
  2. Launch the Terraria Game.
  3. Go to Multiplayer.terraria multiplayer
  4. Click on Host & Play.terraria multiplayer host & play
  5. Select player mp terraria
  6. Then, Select world terraria
  7. Click on Invites invite only terraria
  8. Give a server password (optional) and click on accept server terraria
  9. Now, Click on ingame settings terraria
  10. Go to Invite invite friends terraria
  11. Then, choose the friends you want to invite to play with you.invite friends terraria steam
  12. Enjoy the game.

The steam invite method helps to bypass the cannot connect Terraria server problem and play multiplayer.

4. Allow the process through the Firewall

  1. Open start menu.
  2. Type control panel, when the control panel appears, hit enter.opening control panel
  3. Click on System & Security. clicking on system & security
  4. Go to Windows Defender Firewall.clicking on windows defender firewall
  5. Then, Click on Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender allow app windows firewall
  6. Click on Change Settings.clicking change settings windows firewall
  7. Now, Find the Steam, Terraria, TerrariaServer and check private and public next to them.allowing private public windows firewall
  8. Click on OK.saving windows firewall change
  9. Restart Windows.

Do you use any other antivirus or firewall like Eset Internet Security? If yes, You will have to allow these apps mentioned above in that firewall.

5. Verify integrity of game files

  1. Open Steam.
  2. Right-click on Terraria and go to Properties.going terraria properties steam
  3. Click on Local Files.local files tab terraria
  4. Click on Verify integrity of game files.verify integrity terraria game files

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It will tell you if all the game files are OK or not. Steam will repair any corrupted game files if necessary. If there is any problem, update or uninstall the game and re-install again. It will fix the can’t connect to Terraria server error.

6. Enable Port Forwarding on your router settings

  1. Visit your router’s login page. Usually, the address is router login page
  2. Click on advanced tp link
  3. Find an option like NAT Forwarding and click on that.clicking nat forwarding
  4. Then, Go to Virtual Servers.clicking virtual servers
  5. Click on Add.
  6. Fill the form using your local Lan address, the port as 7777, protocol as All or TCP.
  7. Check Enable this entry.checking enable this entry tp link virtual server
  8. Click on Save.saving virtual server settings tp link
  9. Restart Your Router.

The above steps are for the modern TP-Link routers. However, Suppose you have any other router. In that case, you can figure it out by yourself or visit the manufacturer’s website for details.

7. Update Network Adapter

  1. Open start menu.
  2. Type device manager and hit enter.opening device manager
  3. Expand Network adapters.expand network adapters
  4. Now, Right-click on the network driver you want to update and choose Update Driver.choose update driver network driver
  5. Click on Search Automatically for automatically for drivers
  6. If it finds updated driver version, Windows will install automatically.

In this way, you may not find the latest driver sometimes. It will be more effective if you use a third-party driver updater like DriverFix.

8. Disable the Firewall

  1. Open Control Panel like method 4.
  2. Click on System & Security and then Windows Defender Firewall.
  3. Then, Click on Windows Defender Firewall on or turn off windows firewall
  4. Now, Check Turn off Windows Defender Firewall for both Private and Public networks.turning off windows firewall
  5. Then, Click on OK.
  6. Next, Lunch the Terraria game and try to connect to the game server.

It is risky to leave the firewall disabled. You should only disable it while playing the game. After that, you should turn it on.

9. Change DNS Server

9.1 Change DNS Server for Ethernet connections

  1. Press Win + I on the keyboard to open Windows 11/10 settings.
  2. Click on Network & Internet.clicking network internet win11 settings
  3. Now, Click on Ethernet.
  4. Click on the Edit button next to the DNS server assignment.clicking edit dns win11
  5. Next, Type your preferred DNS server addresses for a better multiplayer gaming experience. Usually, and (Google DNS) is best for all-purpose.
  6. Then, Click on Save.saving dns settings win11
  7. Now, relaunch Terraria and see if it fixes the problem.

9.2 Change DNS Server for Wi-Fi

  1. Open Windows 11/10 settings like before.
  2. Go to Network & Internet as shown before.
  3. Then, Click on Wi-Fi.clicking wifi settings win11
  4. Next, Click on Hardware Properties.clicking hardware properties
  5. Click on Edit next to the DNS server assignment.clicking edit dns assignment
  6. Change DNS Settings from Automatic to Mannual.setting dns menual win11
  7. Enable IPv4 or IPv6 depending on your preference.enabling ipv4 dns win11
  8. Give your preffered DNS addresses.
  9. At last, Click on Save.

9.3 Flush DNS:

  1. Now, Open Start Menu, type cmd, and hit enter to open the command prompt. opening command prompt windows 11
  2. Type the following command and press enter to execute it. ipconfig /flushdnsipconfig flushdns cmd

While local multiplayer won’t require the DNS modification, but if the Invite via Steam method fails, it is one of the ways to fix this Terraria multiplayer problem.

10. Use a VPN software

Using a good gaming VPN to fix can’t connect to the Terraria server is a great solution. In some cases, your internet connection can be the root of the problem. Using a different connection may help.

But, Using VPN usually solves this type of problem.

private internet access (PIA) VPN desktop app

Private Internet Access (PIA) is an excellent choice for gamers. It offers a port forwarding feature that most other VPNs lack.

Else, You can have a look at the best VPNs for the Terraria game. Using one of these also can help to overcome this problem. 

How can I avoid this problem in the future?

There is no exclusive method or idea that can help someone to avoid this problem in the future entirely. But, there is something you can maintain to reduce the chance of getting Terraria server connectivity problems.

Usually, Having a very stable internet connection with a dedicated public IP address can ensure a better gaming experience. In fact, you will rarely face connectivity problems with the Terraria server with this type of connection.

Always use a better DNS server. ISP’s own DNS server often may go through problems.

Also, Having a good VPN connection unlocks a new way. Even though the internet speed seems stable, a good gaming VPN can help when you get a connectivity issue.

Use Terraria from a genuine source. According to our research, a pirated version of the Terraria game is more likely to go through a multiplayer server connectivity problem.

The last but the most important thing is, you should always keep the game, game components, and game servers(if you have any installed) up to that.

Basically, these are the best way to solve the can’t connect to Terraria server error. If you know any other methods that may help, you can share them in the comment box.

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