24 Best Christmas Live Wallpapers & Screensavers [Free]

  • With each passing year, more and more users are interested in Christmas wallpapers & screensavers for Windows 11/10.
  • If you prefer classic Christmas symbols, we chose many wallpapers with meticulous details.
  • You can also find screensaver options that let you know that Christmas is knocking on your door.

Christmas is coming and its heralds are here: Christmas decorations cover the cities, and decorated Christmas trees are present in every house.

Taking into account all these preparations, why not decorate your Windows PC desktop too? To lend you a helping hand, in this article we’re going to list the best Christmas live wallpapers and screensavers for your PC.

We promise you that the following screensavers will immediately get you in the holiday mood. Here’s what you should expect from the screensavers and wallpapers listed below.

  • Free animated Christmas screensavers for Windows 11, 10
  • Santa Claus 3D live wallpapers and screensavers
  • Interactive Christmas wallpapers desktop
  • Free 3D Christmas screensavers
  • Merry Christmas live wallpapers
  • Christmas live wallpapers 4k
  • HD Christmas screensavers
  • Live Christmas wallpapers
  • Xmas screensavers

This is possible with programs like DeskScapes, a product from Stardock that allows you to bring your desktop to life using animated wallpapers, screensavers, and more, all created by you.

Besides, they have plenty of templates of their own, so give it a try!


Turn your desktop into a fantastic display of Christmas joy using live wallpapers that you can create yourself!

Best Christmas live wallpapers & screensavers for Windows 10/11

Snow Village 3D Live Wallpaper and Screensaver

The festive energies of Christmas are spreading throughout the country, and everyone is fully immersed in the holiday atmosphere. Almost everything in your home, with its Christmas tree and other beautiful decorations, should be expressing your Christmas spirit in some manner.

Even your PC may be filled with rapture in such a joyful environment by installing Snow Village 3D Screensaver and Wallpaper, which can change your PC’s desktop into a gorgeous snow-covered village. You’ll love the festively decorated houses, streets, snowman, Christmas trees, and other decorations that transform the rural landscape into breathtaking scenery. It would transmit the essence of the Christmas spirit throughout your home, and it would undoubtedly fill you with the excitement and joy of the holiday.

Different sights are presented one by one, accompanied by soothing music and sounds, making your experience delightful. If you want to change the screensaver’s configurations, go to the Screensaver area of Desktop Properties and use the Settings choices.

Get Snow village 3D Live Wallpaper and Screensaver

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and this includes your Windows 10, 11 PC once you get the Christmas HD Live Wallpaper. This cute wallpaper will showcase a small Christmas tree with lovely red ornaments on a frozen foreground. And the snowflakes fall realistically, bringing the magic of Christmas into everyone’s house.

The application will launch in full-screen mode, allowing you to use it as a screensaver by just leaving it open; alternatively, you can use it in window mode.

Get Christmas HD Live Wallpaper

The Christmas Cottage 3D Screen Saver brings you to a charming cottage in a picturesque winter setting.
This gorgeous screen saver will help you relax by allowing you to envision yourself relaxing in a nice cottage near a river, with a view of a bridge with water gently flowing beneath it. It may seem like a lone house but truthfully is not even near to be lonely out there, since you have loved ones around you.

It’s that time of year when you and your dear ones decorate the Christmas tree and fill the halls with jingle bells, as a calming and reflective experience. The scene is serene, with lights and a completely furnished river house that is waiting for its guests. This will offer the ideal setting for you to relax in front of a fireplace and take in the peace and beauty of the surroundings.

Get Christmas Cottage 3D Screen Saver

We adore spreading the yuletide spirit and increasing the Christmas pitch throughout Christmas and throughout the holiday season, therefore we normally prefer to decorate several places at our home, and the fireplace is only one of them. If you’ve neglected to decorate the fireplace this Christmas, don’t worry, you can do so remotely right from your computer.

Try the Fireside Christmas 3D wallpaper, which features a beautifully adorned fireplace waiting for Santa Clause to leave presents in each sock. It’s a simple, high-quality photograph that captures the moment we’ve all been waiting for. When the clock strikes midnight, a magical carriage pulled by reindeers brings in the presents, along with the joyful spirit of Christmas.

Get Fireside Christmas Wallpaper

Christmas is a joyous occasion that deserves to be celebrated. What could be more amusing than meeting with a party-hosting snowman? Do you want a traditional Christmas screensaver? Then you’re in for a big surprise. What about a dancing snowman that sets off fireworks, decorates the Christmas tree, and turns the lights while listening to vinyl records? It is amusing and entertaining for both children and adults.

The snowman is wearing some funky yellow glasses that make him look like he’s at a Christmas party. The screensaver features cheerful sound effects and 3D images. This 3D Christmas Snowman screensaver is a fun way to have a laugh with your guests over the holidays.

Get Christmas Snowman

Santa’s Castle Screensaver and Wallpaper

Christmas is almost approaching, and the castle is bustling with activity! We are not the only ones who enjoy working to adorn our homes; the North Pole is also busy preparing presents. The presents are being made by the small elves, Santa’s devoted and diligent workers. Some elves are wandering around outside, brainstorming all of the work that takes place inside. A calm, snowy, and full of the light environment to make the perfect gifts!

The screensaver Santa’s Castle takes us to the factory of gifts and good deeds, where the magic happens and Christmas comes to life. You can enjoy the screensavers and take a peek at what’s happening around the castle. Santa keeps looking at the clock since not everything is finished yet, but the elves will finish everything on time. The reindeer are waiting outside in the calm snow. The things that children all across the world have asked for and wished for will be waiting for them the next morning.

Get Santa’s Castle

The background of a Realistic burning fireplace has the same appeal and warmth as a real living fireplace. Wherever and whenever you choose, you may enjoy the peaceful environment of a comfortable fireplace with a burning fire and a realistic fireplace sound. From flickering embers to a roaring fire, change the virtual fireplace parameters.

The dynamic fireplace background and the moving fire flames are in original 3D quality (4k fireplace or full HD fireplace). If you to personalize your Windows 10, 11 desktop with unique design ideas such as a live fireplace wallpaper, or a free fire screensaver for television, without having to watch a virtual fireplace video on YouTube. Great for people who wish to add the beauty of a Christmas fireplace without the hassle of a real wood-burning log fireplace over the holidays.

Get Realistic Fireplace TV

This slideshow of 7 lovely winter and Christmas images with subtle motion and transitions will be the perfect backdrop for your winter storytelling at home. Beautiful genuine winter sceneries, Christmas tree ornaments, and warm candlelight will fill your home with joy and warmth.

This slideshow is ideal if you don’t need background music or a well-decorated home and only want 7 gorgeous magical images that change every few seconds. This reminds us of the value of storytelling, the symbols of the Christmas tree, and how cold winter nights can bring us all together for a memorable moment with people we care about.

Get The Christmas Slideshow

Snowmen are probably one of the things we can’t want to build when winter comes, and this theme will fill your PC with snowmen. Do you wish to construct a snowman? This is likely one of the most often asked questions during the Winter season. This is a question you’ve probably been asked many times before.

Just take a moment to reflect and ask yourself if you built a fantastic snowman.  You can try your hand at making snowmen not only in person but also when you make this your Windows 11, 10 theme. In the scorching summer heat, the charming snowman will make you feel cool. Not only will you get a pack of 8 wallpapers, but your Windows 10, 11 color scheme will change to that of a more wintery theme.

Get Snowmen

Christmas Evening live wallpaper and screensaver

This beautiful Christmas live screensaver from 3PlaneSoft lets you know that Christmas is knocking on your door. The bright colors will cheer you up and make your friends ask you where you got the screensaver from. Magical music on the background with clock ticking and angels standing high above the little house, it’s a perfect lullaby for kids on Christmas Eve.

While is snowing outside, inside the little details of the decorations can be inspirational for your own house! Candles flickering, jingles announce Santa Clause’s arrival, but it’s time for decorations and preparations for the magical night.

Get Christmas Evening Screensaver

White Christmas live wallpaper and screensaver

This screensaver features a beautiful small house with a wood bridge in front of it. Snow is falling, windows are lightened and a beautiful Christmas tree shines in the dark, outside the house. Even if it is just one house in the forests, this is an interpretation of a beautifully decorated cottage house, with lots of lights and fully covered in snow, perfect for its guests.

It gives a calm, blissful feeling to enjoy the holidays together with loved ones. Or maybe it is set up for a New Years’ party? You can get now the White Christmas live wallpaper and screensaver from 3PlaneSoft, and see for yourself the magical surrounding the Holidays this year.

Get White Christmas Screensaver

Santa Claus live wallpaper and screensaver

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This impressive live wallpaper and screensaver let you watch Santa as he’s preparing to deliver presents to all the kids who’ve been good this year. The moment you have been waiting for comes to life with this dynamic live wallpaper. With joyous music and jingle bells in the background, Santa is on the move in the villages to make people happy.

You can become his companion and ride over breathtaking countryside landscapes and cozy little villages. Rudolf and delivering the presents that are waiting for you below the Christmas Tree. Let Santa Clause and the magical creatures in your hearth and home this year on your PC as well!

Get Santa Claus Screensaver

This is an all-in-one live Christmas wallpaper from Steam that should not be overlooked this holiday season. 4 Christmas trees and multi-colored dazzle mode are included in the Tree scene in 6 animated camera motions!
You can create your own unique countdown dates for birthdays and anniversaries, as well as a Christmas countdown and a New Year’s Countdown scenario.

Other stunning scenarios are a combined Christmas Tree and countdown or a dazzling clock with time and date. When it’s time to ring in the New Year, you may use your PC to safely trigger 3D fireworks with crackling sounds and music. Would you like it to snow? In terms of snowfall amount and pace, the 3D Snow scene on a day or night scenery covers your desktop. From a variety of colorful color schemes, you can choose any combination of your favorite scenes above to rotate.

With a magical glowing backdrop light or flare spotlight with sparkling sunbeams, and a beautiful color cycle mode that sweeps through all the colors of the rainbow. The wallpaper engine and efficient code have been optimized to run smoothly and save battery power on laptops. When other windows obscure the live wallpaper, it immediately pauses and reduces to 0% when you run a game or other full-screen software. This is a fantastic magical 3D program that may brighten your PC in a variety of ways if you like sparkling and highly changeable wallpaper.

Get Christmas Live Wallpaper

A wintery screensaver with an illustrated view of a village in the evening, complete with a Christmas tree in the street and lights shining up the houses. It’s as if time stops in the country, keeping us from worrying and enchanting us with lights and heaps of large white snowflakes and fluffy snow. Everyone appears to be preparing for the holidays at home.

Everything is in place; the Christmas tree is in the center of the house, and the lights above them bring the Christmas mood to everyone. While a night sky and mountains can be seen in the distance, snowfalls, and puffs of smoke bounce around the roadway. This is a fairytale illustration, with a simple frozen background and few sparkles and glitters. If you think a frozen background will fit you better, don’t be hesitant to try it out this year!

Get Christmas Snow Screensaver

When the My 3D Christmas Tree screensaver starts, it picks one of the three available background scenes, each of which features a Christmas tree, then decorates it with a random selection of decorations, ranging from balls and bows to candles and angels. The image depicts a snowman watching the Christmas decorations being put up as if he were a delighted youngster waiting for the Christmas tree to be fully decorated.

If you like to see certain ornaments or a specific background, you can select them in the preferences panel and they will be displayed at all times. Sounds and music are available, however, they are turned off by default. My 3D Christmas Tree is a dynamic wallpaper that will add a stunning and colorful Christmas tree with lights and birds to your desktop.

Get My 3D Christmas Tree

This adorned and snow-covered Christmas Tree stands outside the house in the backdrop, symbolizing stability and resistance in the face of heavy snowfall. If you prefer a silent night in the forests without music in the background, here is a static 3D wallpaper picture with no effects or sounds.

In the twilight, a Christmas tree decked with colorful lights sits among other snow-covered trees in a yard in front of a house. The image is not moving, yet in the foreground, snowflakes of varying sizes fall from the top of the screen. In the Screen Saver Settings window, the screensaver is referred to as NY1. Try out the static 3D Christmas tree and enjoy the silence on a peaceful night after Christmas Eve.

Get Christmas Serenity

The Night Before Christmas is a 3D animated screensaver that features three Christmas-themed living rooms. The atmosphere inside the house reminds us of the cookies and warm milk that will be offered to Santa Claus when he arrives. The kids are sleeping, and the cat is watching over the Christmas tree, but don’t worry, it won’t knock it down in this screensaver.

This dynamic screensaver depicts every detail of Christmas’s beautiful moments, including a decorated Christmas tree, stockings hung from the mantelpiece, flickering candles, and wrapped gifts. The screensaver chooses a scene at random when it starts up, but you may choose one from the options menu, where you can also change the music and sound effects, as well as hide the house cat.

Get Night Before Christmas 3D Screensaver

Do you recall Santa’s Castle? We took a look inside to see how the little helpers make toys and gifts. We discovered that they began working 172 days prior to Christmas. That’s a lot to accomplish, yet they’re well-organized and complete everything on time. Take a look inside Santa’s North Pole workshop, where elves are hard at work creating gifts to be handed at Christmas.

Santa’s Workshop creates flying planes, trains, automobiles, and candy! Four elves are at work in this animated screensaver, putting together toy vehicles and planes before sending them flying through holes in the walls, while snow falls outside the windows and music plays in the background. A calendar on the rear wall of the workshop counts down the days till Christmas, and Santa Claus himself periodically looks in to see how the elves are doing.

Get Santa’s Workshop Screensaver

We’re back in the woods with the elegant homes, but this time houses are different in each scenery and the pine isn’t the only item that’s been adorned. It creates the impression of a quiet night away from the hustle and bustle of the city and urges you to partake in the stillness.

The 3D dynamic Christmas Cottage screensaver features three scenes, one of which is picked at random when it starts, though you can set it to utilize one of the three all of the time. Each image features a landscape with a Christmas-themed cottage with lights strung from the roof and neighboring trees, as well as snowy mountains visible in the murky twilight sky. Snowflakes fall from the sky, and various birds and rabbits fly or wander around the screen while music plays in the background; all of this can be turned off if desired. Take a trip in the forest with the 3 cottages magically decorated in the background of your PC.

Get 3D Christmas Cottage

Another stunning screensaver depicting a single adorned tree in the forest tells us that even though we are alone in the throng, we can still be noticed if we have light within us. Despite the fact that it is not the only one of its sort, it appears that this specific pine tree has the Christmas holiday charm.

When you go on a walk in the woods and come across a particularly lovely light tree, it will transport you to a time when standing alone can genuinely brighten the world around you. A giant pine tree surrounded by other trees sits alone in the middle of a snowy plot of land, decorated with string lights and a dazzling tree-topper. Snowflakes fall down from the top of the screen and the moon casts a shadow onto the ground as the lights at the top and at the bottom alternate in brightness. Note that the screensaver will be listed as NY3 in the screensaver panel.

Get Holiday Tree Screensaver

With the Christmas Countdown screensaver for your PC, you may count down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds till Christmas Day. This is a simple 2D animation that may be used by children to count down the days before Christmas Eve. The Christmas tree, a burning fireplace, two elves, a steaming Christmas dinner, and a window looking out on a snowman, Rudolph the reindeer, and snow falling outside stand in the middle of a cozy room.

Santa waves a Merry Christmas banner when Christmas arrives, and the elves inspect the food and presents. The countdown will reappear on January 1st of the following year, and it will begin counting down until the following Christmas. Get this awesome countdown screensaver for kids, they will surely enjoy it!

Get Christmas Countdown Screensaver

If you prefer classic Christmas symbols, this live wallpaper depicting a Christmas tree near a fireplace is the right choice for you. The Christmas tree balls subtly shine, while the fire burns in the fireplace, and the ornated Christmas Tree is enjoying also the warmth of the fireplace. Everything stops, and lets you enjoy the moment after decorating the Christmas tree, or you may use this wallpaper while you decorate, for more inspiration.

Get Christmas Tree at fireplace

If you like the live wallpaper listed above, you’ll definitely like this one, as well. Actually, the images use the same Christmas symbols set in a different environment. This live wallpaper depicts an old fireplace in a library. Near the fireplace, there is also a chair with a cat sleeping on it, and of course, a Christmas tree. The cat is sleeping peacefully, presents lay below the Christmas Tree

Download this live wallpaper

The clock is ticking and soon you’ll receive many presents. Santa is on its way and outside is snowing. Fortunately, you can always take cover inside the house, where it’s warm and cozy. A fairy Santa Clause wonders around and the clock ticking in the background delivers a euphoric 2D moment while waiting for the kids to fall asleep and enjoy a silent night.

Get Vintage Christmas

That should be it! We hope you will enjoy a peaceful Holiday season, with lots of dear ones close to you, and of course with the amazing wallpapers and screensavers!

There are many more Christmas live wallpapers and screensavers available from NewFreeScreensavers.

If you’ve come across other resources for live wallpapers specific to the holiday season, use the comment section below and tell us more about your favorite Christmas live wallpapers and screensavers.

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