20 Best Safari Browser Games to Play [Single & Multiplayer]

  • Gaming on browsers has become more in vogue as a cheaper alternative to consoles and downloads, and the Safari browser is a great option for gamers. 
  • We have made this list in no particular order and expect that every game included will be worth a trial. 
  • This guide is made to be a comprehensive resource for Safari users and has some popular and less known titles worthy of your attention. 

20 best Safari browser games

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Browser games have become very popular, especially in recent years. This is because they have become much more sophisticated and offer the perfect platform to compete with even your favorite console games.

It is also a choice for many because it is the cheaper way to enjoy gaming. Once you have your computer, it requires no additional hardware. You need to get connected to a good Internet source and play away.

This article will take you through some of our favorite games to play on the Safari browser.

We recommend that you check out our guide on the best gaming browsers in case you wonder what alternatives there are for gaming.

Can you still play games in the browser?

You may play a wide variety of fantastic games on virtually any device, from the desktop computer at your place of employment to an antiquated laptop. These browser games might not have the most eye-catching visuals, but they more than makeup for it in terms of sheer entertainment value.

It takes very little effort to get started playing browser games, and there is a good chance that everyone can find something they enjoy.

There are a lot of multiplayer Internet games, but there are also a number of single-player browser games that will put your mind to work.

What Safari alternatives are great for playing browser games?

The best alternative is Opera GX. It is a modified edition of the Opera browser designed with gamers in mind. To get the best out of surfing and gaming, the browser offers unique features such as RAM, CPU, and Network limiters.

What makes Opera GX stand out is its development team. Of course, you can always expect upgrades, and this has been invaluable to the user experience it offers.

Opera GX

Play your favorite browser games on this featured option specially designed for all gaming fans.

What are the best Safari games to play in browser?

games on safari

This is a rhythm browser game that can be played on your Safari browser, as well as other nice gaming browsers.

You control your character in Deadbeat by moving them around the screen, leaping, and engaging in counterattacks while a variety of beats are being thrown at you in time with the music.

The gameplay is heavily influenced by Everhood. This particular piece of music was composed by Mori Calliope, and each track features its own one-of-a-kind pixel art backdrop as well as animation. The songs come fast so be careful not to break anything.

Play Deadbeat

games on safari

This is by far one of our favorite multiplayer games on Safari to play. is unlike any other racing game you’ve ever seen. If you don’t believe racing is for you, this new game is sure to alter your opinion since it defies preconceptions and offers something fresh.

Your character will slide down the level on its own, and it will be up to you to guide him or her on the right path. You have the option of making a quick turn that will take you off the track and continuing to steer while you are in the air, hovering cautiously until you reach a lower point on the slide.

In 2, you may compete against other players to see who can become the champion of the wildest water slide in the world!

Get to the bottom of the water slide and give it your best shot to come in first. You’ll have a lot of fun playing this bright and cheery water slide game if you bump with other players while you’re racing.

Keep holding down the left mouse button to have your figure race down the water slide. Try your hand at and see if you can win against everyone else without drowning.

Play Aquapark

games on safari

Here is a simple but exciting game. Cat and Dog have been summoned to the stand and tell their stories. It’s up to you, the Lawyer, to figure out who is speaking the truth and who isn’t.

The twist here is that your assertions are ALWAYS correct no matter what happens. Who will be held accountable? It’s all up to you! This is one of the best games on Safari for free that will keep you curious and enticed.

Play I’m (not) a lawyer

games on safari

There are a lot of weapons to make in this game, but only a few components are available. So you’ll have to make the best decisions.

You’ll drag components unto a crafting board, then assemble them with a tap. By dragging pieces to a Compendium button in the bottom left corner, you will be able to access additional information.

Play Kraft & Slash

games on safari

Our main character has recently completed their training as an artificer and has been sent to a remote town that is somehow tied to some very significant secrets. In order to fulfill the bizarre requests of your clients, you and your (usually reliable) helper Kraft will need to combine various components.

To showcase your works, you’ll need to drag components to a crafting board, combine two elements by clicking the board, then drop your work on a client’s portrait.

Play Artificer

games on safari

This is another social deduction game made for multiple players like Among Us. You can play as a crewmember or the evil betrayer. As the betrayer, you aim to destroy operations without getting murdered.

If your crewmates suspect you, they might convene a meeting and expel you.

Betrayers can interrupt operations and remove crew members. You will have vents to get about unnoticed. As a betrayer, you must kill all of your crewmates to win.


games on safari

LOLBeans is a browser game similar to Fall Guys which you will play on your mobile, desktop, or tablet, and we regarded it as one of the best games on Safari to play with your friends.

You may compete with as many as 30 of your friends in an obstacle course of amusing mini-games. If you do not get to the end of the course in time you get eliminated from the round. In the end, there will be only one victor.


games on safari

You probably could tell from the name that this browser game has something to do with swords. But it’s not just swords, it’s swords and dragons.

You will be fighting the mother of all dragons. She is however a patient dragon who waits to see if you can stab her heart with your sword. You should not miss, because if you do, you can expect a ball of red hot fire coming your way.

Play Deepest Sword

games on safari

This game is all about utilizing shapes, as the name implies. You’ll be constructing factories across an ever-growing landscape to automate the production and processing of more complicated forms.

You’ll need to be a quick thinker who can modify forms in a short amount of time. It is an easy but intriguing game to play.


games on safari

The Safari browser Tomb Temple Run is an endless runner game with 3D images. If you have played Temple Run, then this variation will be familiar.

It has all of the gameplay elements that have become common in previous games in the genre. You will be able to jump, run, gather coins, evade opponents, and unlock new characters.

Play Tomb Temple Run

games on safari

It’s all about being an actual animal hunter and completing all of the Sniper shooting objectives in the Safari Animal Hunter.

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The deer hunting tasks and all the other Safari hunting tasks in the Animal Hunter game come in a variety of environments.

The game’s visuals are based on hunting scenes, and you’ll have a good time accomplishing different missions. This is an animal hunter game in which you must take tactical action to keep the prey from fleeing. Thus, we regarded it as one of the special Safari browser games.

Play Safari Animal Hunter

games on safari

The game is simple, and you’ll notice little circles in the backdrop connecting the various colored dots. They travel over a specified region, and all you must do is devour other circles to grow yours as large as possible.

There is a leaderboard, and the idea is to aim at taking the top place. Besides being something to brag about, it will also be tons of fun.


games on safari is a first-person Safari browser-based tactical shooter game. You will have up to 8 people in the lobby who compete by shooting each other or may complete missions.

It’s compatible with Mac, ChromeOS, Windows PCs, and Linux. You may also play it off the browser by downloading the client version, which is available for both Mac and Windows.


games on safari

This is another multiplayer first-person shooter game set in a dystopian future. has level designs akin to games like Destiny, Halo, and Quake. You have a variety of weapons and powers that you may employ on the battlefield to your benefit.

In, there are multiple science-fiction-inspired stages, and you’ll exploit the advanced design to your advantage. To reach lofty areas, double or triple leap, and startle your enemies with an assault from above.


games on safari

This is an excellent multiplayer .io game where you have to pilot a car with a circular flail. The goal is to grow your flail while utilizing it to kill other players.

When you are hit by another player’s flail, you will be erased and will have to restart the game; conversely, if your flail hits or touches another player, they will be killed.

Play Brutal

games on safari

Docski created, another multiplayer shooting game. In a wide-open environment, you will combat online against actual gamers while discovering a range of vehicles, weapons, and equipment.

You get to handle a figure that is always moving, allowing you to move and fire at the same time. Because each weapon has its limitations and strengths, you can quickly develop a play style and set yourself apart from the rest.

Browser Quest is a browser-based multiple-player game that invites you to discover a realm of exploration. WebSockets and  HTML5, which enable real-time games and applications on the Web, are used in this game.

It is compatible with Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, as well as Android and iOS smartphones. What are you waiting for? Try it out!

Play Browser Quest

games on safari is a multiplayer game developed by Matheus Valadares. It is accessible on all major browsers including Safari. In a two-dimensional arena, players operate tanks and gain marks by demolishing shapes and eliminating other players.

The tanks will level up as you gain points. When a player levels up, they may put a new skill point in the tank attributes like bullet damage and movement speed.


games on safari’s fan-made sequel,, is another browser game to try. It has a large number of playable levels that begin with the very basics which fire just one bullet every shooting cycle.

You have to work your way going upward. You will gain a Tier when you reach Levels 10, levels 25, and levels 45, which allows you to access new, more powerful classes.


games on safari

If you love zombie games, then here is the game for you. Top Outpost tests your resilience in defending your territory from these undead creatures.

This fantastic game, which goes by the name Top Outpost, brings the zombie apocalypse to life.

It would appear that you are the only one alive, as well as the only one able to defend yourself against the advancing swarm of zombies. Your objective is to stay alive for as long as you possibly can.

To achieve this, you will need to eliminate as many zombies as you can while also improving the efficiency of your weaponry.

Be careful, since it’s going to grow more difficult to stay alive with each passing day.

Play Top Outpost

Can you play games on Safari on iPhone?

Yes, you can! Since its introduction to the consumer market, Apple’s iPhone has been a gadget that provides a natural platform for the play of video games. It is quite appealing to be able to pull out a small distraction anytime you feel the need to do so.

In the early days of the iPhone, there were fewer alternatives available to choose from, despite the fact that the Apple App Store now provides access to hundreds of games that can be downloaded.

Before web-based games were widely accessible for download, some game designers created titles that could be played inside the confines of a Safari window and were proportioned to simulate the appearance and feel of traditional computer games.

Many of those Safari games are still available today, even though the iPhone was released almost a decade ago. They may have an appearance that is a little bit basic, but most of them are free, and much like their platform-app counterparts, they are addictive time suckers.

All you need to do now is start up your Safari browser, and get busy clicking away. These games have not been discussed in any particular order, they simply are just some of our favorites and top recommendations.

If you will like more browser game suggestions, you should read our guide on the 10 best browser games.

Moreover, in case you encounter an error that says your Safari version is no longer supported, take a look at our guide and learn how to fix it.

Our list covers shooter, zombie, music, and adventure games. You will have fun with all of these. We will like to hear from you in the comments and are curious to know which are your favorites.

Play away!

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