12 Best Personal Information Management & Organizer Software

  • If you want to organize yourself better and never miss a meeting again, you need a PIM tool.
  • PIM stands for Personal Information Manager, and it will help you become more efficient.
  • You can dive deep into these tools and solutions in the following list, thus choosing software that matches your needs. 

personal organizer software

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Life is simple when organized and there is a universe of organizer software that can help you reclaim your organizational mojo.

When you can’t make out the notes you scribbled at the back of a newspaper and you haven’t turned a page of your calendar since 2013, you know it’s time to get organized with digital tools.

Luckily, with the advent of personal organizational tools, mind-mapping, and digital note-taking apps, organizing your life with digital tools becomes a breeze.

Information organizer software organizes your life by creating daily to-do lists, keeping reminders, taking notes, and enabling you to achieve life goals. It serves as a planner, an address book, and a notebook all in one.

The best information organizer tools even go the extra mile by providing extra tools to back up data, set up budgets, provide driving directions, etc.

Most of these tools can be used on the desktop as well as on mobile devices. With the help of these tools, you can be more productive and get the job done with ease. is a cloud-based document editor that specializes in bringing every aspect of your work or personal life in only one place.

Organize all your daily information with ease using Coda by creating simple but clear subcategories for every field that is needed.

Big and crowded projects will seem like a walk in the park when you divide each task and assign a deadline for every one of them.

Coda acts like a huge database for your information by being connected throughout the docs and spreadsheets you write. Each edit will modify the data across every other document that is contained.

If you want to use Coda with your team, it’s your lucky day. It features integration with Slack and Gmail, so they can be easily notified by tasks you assign them or meetings coming up. Also, the data they access or edit will be updated with you in real-time.

Once you start using Coda, everything falls into place right away. It features drag and drop building blocks to simplify document editing and creation.

Coda is a free-to-use software for either personal or business use, but with limited features. To unlock its full capabilities, visit the website for its prices.

Set and achieve your objectives easier with a smart life and work organizer.

If you are looking for personal organizer software that works on all devices, then you might want to try out Todoist. With an easy to use interface and numerous collaboration tools,

Todoist is one of the most feature-rich task management apps on the market.

One thing you’ll notice once you open a Todoist account is that you have tasks, labels, filters, weekly overviews, and projects due today. The filter tool is very valuable to those who juggle multiple tasks at a time.

Todoist also has a reminder system but it’s only for premium users meaning you have to pay.


Try out this efficient platform to handle your activities without much effort and increase productivity fast.

AnyTime Organizer Deluxe – Adress book and calendar organizer

AnyTime Organizer Deluxe is one of the most reputable personal organizer software and packs more than you would expect to find in organizer software. Its ability to expense reports, show driving directions and connect to Google makes it a must-have tool for business professionals.

AnyTime Organizer is bundled with a myriad of tools to enhance your personal and professional lives. Any undone task is automatically moved to the next day and you can use the calendar to keep track of important events.

You can set up reminders and the software will audibly remind you when it’s time to complete a task. You can even set the system to send a text message or email when it’s time to complete a task.

Since the tool can connect to Google, you can download NFL, NASCAR, PGA, MLB, NHL, and NBA season schedules and pin them to your daily planner.

In addition to your calendar events, you can use the tool to manage your expenses and perform other activities like importing data from Microsoft Outlook.

AnyTime Organizer Delux

Organize your daily life in seconds by scheduling, managing a to-do list, and prioritizing your tasks with this amazing tool!

C-Organizer is another powerful organizer tool that comes with extensive synchronization capabilities that allow users to access data from almost any device.

With Word Processor, password manager, address book, to-do list, and calendar, C-Organizer packs all you need to organize your personal and professional life.

This personal organizer software protects your private data by password and encryption to prevent unauthorized access. You can sync your data with Google or upload it to the cloud via Dropbox or Google Drive.

C-Organizer also lets you export data as HTML, XML, CSV, and TXT so you can easily import your software data to another application.


Has a versatile sorting system, record import and export, and easy integration with the default email client and web browser.

Efficcess is a secure information organizer software that works across PCs and desktops making it one of the most versatile personal information managers. 

With a built-in journal, password manager, task list, address book, calendar, and an automatic backup, you would not want a better organizer software than this. You can create custom reminders so you don’t miss important events.

The calendar is equipped with drag and drop features so you can easily reschedule an appointment as well as add major holidays to your personal organizer.

Efficcess comes with a built-in recycle bin to safeguard you against permanently deleting important information erroneously.


Cross-platform personal information organizer that allows you to synchronize contacts, tasks, appointments, and notes between desktops and mobile phones.

Anytime Organizer Standard – Simplified calendar optimizer

Anytime Organizer Standard comes with the same top-notch features as AnyTime Organizer Deluxe only that it lacks extensive synchronization abilities.

The interface is user-friendly with all the organizing tools nested on the left panel of the program.

It comes with various organizing features including a feature-rich calendar and to-do lists.

You can add priority levels to the tasks so as to major in the most important tasks first. There is a personal information manager feature that can be used as a journal or a notebook.

You will also be able to do budgeting using the provided budget template as well as track and organize your finances.

Anytime Organizer Standard

The intuitive interface makes it easier to access Calendars, To-Do lists, Contacts, Notebooks, Passwords, and Expenses for a more organized workflow.

Though MyOrganizer Ultimate can only be accessed on a desktop, it has an assortment of features that gives it an edge against the competition. It comes with a simple and easy-to-use interface that resembles that of Microsoft Outlook.

You will find the common organizer tools such as an address book, task manager, journal, tasks list, and a planner.

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You can use the custom reminders to remind you of important dates and events. In addition to the organizer features, the tool has built-in expense reports that can help you to track expenses and budgets.

It also has a password manager that can help you track all your passwords and logins. It also comes with several options for importing files including HTML, CSV, and TXT.

MyOrganizer Ultimate

Simple interface for synchronizing data with Palm and Pocket PC devices, scheduling appointments, and keeping track of work and personal connections. – Team and individual productivity organizer

This software solution is tailor-made for anyone who needs strong organizing tools. No matter how busy your day would be, is designed to help you get it all done.

The planner comes with all necessities regarding simple management of life. Also, the features promise professional tools like calendars, reminders, task lists, notes, and so on. In other words, you will not need anymore a bunch of apps to fulfill your daily activities.

For instance, the dynamic calendar can help your productivity enormously with its all-in-one functions. Including very practical UI and integrated services like business meetings, social events, or daily tasks to never miss a thing.

Other benefits assume conversational language reminders to always be on time or smart grocery lists for last-minute home tasks.

That being said, choosing this software will bring a difference due to its practical features, but more importantly because it makes life more enjoyable.


When working in teams and requiring app connections as well as decluttering conversations and social media, workplace organizer and planner is a great software to try.

Cloud-based services and business apps have exploded in popularity in recent years, making it easier for teams to consolidate their information into a single location.

You may even establish safe, different folders across projects, departments, and personal stuff in the workspace without having to regularly update material every day.

Simply save links and bookmarks to the relevant folder or subfolder, and then tag the information to make it easier to discover what you need when you need it.

By centralizing all of your applications, connections, and digital resources in one location, the SaaS platform makes it easy to get and remain organized.

Create a workspace that’s ideal for you by collaborating and sharing dashboards, taking advantage of smart app connections, and importing your applications and bookmarks.’s ability to provide an expansive, secure online workspace is the solution to the web app explosion and its adverse consequences for small and medium-sized businesses.

Everything in the digital workplace is searchable, shareable, and simple to access for authorized team members. becomes your virtual workplace, where you collaborate with your team.


Essential PIM takes a top spot on our list precisely because it is a powerful, full-featured Personal Information Manager for Windows. It offers email, synchronization, portability, network support, and more.

Thanks to this handy tool, you no longer have to worry about controlling appointments, to-do lists, notes, email messages, password entries, and contacts.

The interface is very handy, and it well deserves to replace other similar tools such as Outlook.

Speaking of which, if you are indeed keen on sticking with Outlook as well, you will be glad to know that EssentialPIM offers the ability to synchronize all your information with MS Outlook.

Of course, you aren’t limited to just that, since you can also sync your data with online services such as Google, iCloud, Toodledo, SyncML, CalDAV, etc.

Get EssentialPIM

When looking for a perfect virtual personal assistant, you need to speak to it directly without having to type anything. DialogFlow is pretty much Cortana after she has been promoted.

The tool lets you search the web, make calls, send texts, remind you of tasks while remembering everything on your to-do lists.

The app can be anything you want it to be, be it a personal assistant, an old professor, or even a brunette. The app will perform all tasks, answer your questions, and even give you social network updates.

All you have to do is give commands and DialogFlow will follow instructions like a dutiful son. The app is available for Windows, Android, and iOS.

Get DialogFlow

MSD Organizer is a handy tool that packs a load of attractive features.

It organizes your personal and professional information as well as music, labels, and cards. Among the many features, you will find the calendar, to-do lists, address book, task manager, journal, and a notes section.

The calendar has drag and drop functionalities that simplify the process of removing and adding tasks.

Not only does the address book provides the name, number, address, email, and picture, but also allows you to download and attach documents, reports, spreadsheets, and notes.

Other organizer tools included are property organizer, music, health records, and budget templates.

Get MSD Organizer

While organizing features and the cost of the program are the key considerations in choosing the best organizer software, you should also pay close attention to the program’s syncing capabilities.

When a program is compatible with mobile devices and tablets, it becomes more versatile since you can access all your to-do lists and other important information on the go.

Some of the programs discussed above like the C-Organizer and others do have extensive syncing abilities. We hope that you will find this information useful. Feel free to comment and share.

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