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Choosing a Web Hosting Server

Your web hosting server has what it takes to run your website, but it doesn’t have what it takes to be a highly functioning, highly robust business. You need to take a few things into consideration before you hire a web hosting company to run your website. It is your money and the management of your website that will determine whether or not your website will be running properly in six months. Here are some questions to ask yourself before you choose a web hosting company to run your website.

Does the company provide adequate control over the server? If the company does not provide adequate control, the server may fall victim to problems; all those problems will come back to bite you in the wallet when the time comes to get help from the company.

How responsive is the customer service? You don’t want to go through all the trouble of buying a new computer and then dealing with a company that cannot handle your customer service. You should at least know if the company is capable of answering questions promptly or if they require that you phone them or e-mail them.

Will the web hosting company run a security audit before you commit to having your website on their servers? You never want to find out that you are going to be dealing with hackers in the future.

Will the server be located in Canada? Do not allow your business to suffer any downtime or problems because of a foreign location of the server. You are paying a lot of money to have your website hosted, so do not allow the server to face down one of the more common causes of a down time or loss of data.

How secure is the encryption used by the web hosting company?

The security of the information that you store and transfer between your website and the customer should be a top priority for the web hosting company. If they cannot provide you with the type of security that you require, then they might as well tell you that they can’t provide you with a stable and reliable website and server.

What support do they offer? A good web hosting company should offer support to help you if you ever encounter problems. They should offer technical support if you ever need help with your website or server.

Do they offer backup plans? You never want to find out that your website is taken down by a computer crash or a virus. If they do not offer you a backup plan then they have failed to meet your needs.

How is the server maintained? If you do not believe that the web hosting company can maintain the quality of service that you deserve, then you should examine the site maintenance that they are providing.

Can you get any help with your server problems? You want to be able to get answers about a problem if it is related to your website, so ask the web hosting company to provide you with the support and assistance that you need to fix the problem that you are facing.

What is the guarantee for the web-hosting company? You do not want to wait for six months to get a refund if the server does not work properly after six months. You should be able to get a refund if the server does not work properly in six months.

These are just a few questions to ask when you are looking for a web hosting company to run your website. Remember, the right web hosting company is one that will provide you with the most important components of hosting: security, backup plans, and the ability to get help if needed.